Welcome to our Security Alarms FAQ page.

Below is a list of the most common security alarm questions we get asked on a weekly basis.

Please note: We value your feedback, if the answer to your question is not here do let us know and we will upload it for you.

Can you service any brand of alarm system?

Yes we can, our staff have experience with every brand of security alarm.

Can any alarm system be monitored?

Every alarm can be monitored, it’s age will determine the quantity and speed of signals that it can transmit.

Will broadband affect my alarm monitoring?

It can do, we can install the right filter for you to ensure it is not an issue.

Do you have my alarm user manual on your website?

Chances are we do.  Have a look at our user manuals, if yours isn’t there, email us and we will upload it for you.

How old is too old for an alarm system?

We still have systems in service that are 20 years old. Simply ask, we will soon tell you if there are going to be any issues before proceeding too far.

What happens if the power goes out, will my alarm remain active?

Yes it will, all alarms have battery backup.

Can I have an alarm system and pets?

Yes you can, we have a wide range of sensors for almost every condition.

Does an alarm actually act as a deterrent?

Yes it does, even the police say an alarm is an effective deterrent http://www.police.govt.nz/safety/home.burglar.alarms.html