Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting Systems

Fire Protections Systems and Emergency Lighting are rapidly becoming an essential part of business today, with many finding that they are a mandatory requirement.

Fire Protection Systems are designed to manually or automatically detect smoke or fire. Once this detection takes place they can alert building occupants via tones or voice, summon the fire service, shut down ventilation, turn on emergency lighting etc. Automatic systems often rely on smoke or heat detectors to generate the alarm condition, while manual systems rely on call points.

Typical Fire System installations could range from a simple manual system with two call points which then generate an audible tone – right through to complex automatic systems which rely on smoke beams / detectors, heat detectors, manual call points to generate a voice / tone warning systems which then controls building automation and fire service notification.

Emergency Lighting Systems are a battery backed lighting device that come to life automatically when a building experiences an emergency such as a power outage or fire. Emergency lighting is often standard in new commercial or high occupancy buildings such as college dormitories or movie theatres.

If required Impact Alarms can connect specific systems to the central monitoring station for 24/7 monitoring.

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