Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring, in a corporate application, is mostly a mandatory requirement with insurance companies. We have a monitoring solution specifically designed for any sized corporate property.

For a small monthly fee, this service is designed to provide immediate notification, and response, of all alarm and fault activity – 24/7, as well as perform a double check at the end of the day to ensure your building is armed. In addition, for our higher security sites – we are even able to restrict the entry hours and privileges of your staff individually, and apply specific templates to each area.

  • Commercial Alarm Monitoring


A low cost monitoring service designed specifically for our business customers.

Designed with a commercial template in mind, this service provides immediate notification of all burglary, fire and panic signals to the emergency contact list or patrols/emergency services, as required. In addition, it can also perform a nightly check of your alarm to see if it has been armed, even continue to monitor this armed status right through to your opening hours the next day. This will ensure only specific staff have access after hours, or no access is permitted at all.

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  • Commercial

  • No contracts

  • Instant notification

  • Iphone App

  • Android App

  • Multi-path (if required)

  • Lower insurance costs

  • Patrols (if required)

  • Custom designed to suit

  • Panic alarms

  • Residential Alarm Monitoring

A low cost self monitoring option specifically designed  for residential applications.

Be provided with immediate notification of all burglary and fire signals. With the right equipment installed, this could even include arming or disarming your system from anywhere, simply with the press of a button.

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  • Residential

  • No Contracts

  • Instant notifications

  • Self managed

  • Iphone app

  • Android app

  • Lower insurance costs

  • Patrols (if required)

  • Custom designed to suit

  • Pet friendly options

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