Guard Services – Impact Security

Whether you require static / roving guards, sheduled or random patrols, alarm response, personal or event security services – we’re here to help. Our Security Guard Services aim to deter unauthorised persons from unlawful gaining access into your property thus ensuring people and valuables remain safe.

Impact Security is a division of the Impact Alarms, catering specifally for clients requiring guard related services. Experienced Qualified Professional staff, providing expert protection for your companies Assets, Property and Sites.

Static / Roving Guard Services:

We provide Static / Roving Security Guards for properties on a contract or casual basis throughout Central Hawke’s Bay. We maintain security in various commercial environments undertaking a multitude of applications.

Scheduled & Random Patrols:

That added protection for your property – a physical check to ensure everything is secure after hours. Services can be sheduled or random and can incorporate various other security tasks while onsite, eg arming your monitored security alarm etc.

Event Management:

Our qualified staff are fully experienced in all aspects of Event Management. Utilising our staff can only enhance the success of your event and business.

Personal Security Services:

From assistance whilst attending alarm activations right through to escorting services for your staff or visitors – our dedicated officers will provide the reassurance needed in your time of need.

Still have unanswered questions?

Simply give us a call today and ask for Guard Operations Manager – John Swinburne. He will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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